For guidance and HR advice in Leeds, the Yorkshire HR Company has been operating since 2009 as a specialist outsourcer of bespoke HR support, advice and training to small and medium sized businesses. Even the smallest businesses need to be able to engage in recruitment, employee development and a whole host of other HR processes; however they may not have the budget and resources to accommodate this work efficiently. The Yorkshire HR Company can provide this work to the highest standard and at a competitive and affordable rate.

In the past, our HR consultants have worked in a variety of sectors including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, finance, wholesale and distribution, for both the private sector and not for profit organisations. This includes work in the UK, Continental Europe, the Nordics, the US and North Africa.

The Yorkshire HR Company can give its clients access to a full range of up to date services and practices, providing solutions that are tailor made to fit their business and organisational culture. We operate at all times with integrity and professionalism, providing personal, bespoke approach to HR advice in Leeds.

Many of our clients do not have either the workload or the resources to fit a full time HR Director into their work structure – however, when it comes to HR advice in Leeds, a qualified and experienced individual is essential in plotting the right course for a business. Yorkshire HR Company can supply a part time Consultant HR Director, who can be available for input as and when required, either on a retained arrangement or on a project management basis.

We can also assist you with any aspect of employment law and HR best practice. Our services include:

  • HR Consultancy Support
  • Training Workshops
  • Recruitment Support
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Executive Coaching

A quality HR consultant can give real competitor advantage to our clients, allowing them to recruit the finest talent available to them, identify staff with the highest potential, and allow them to develop to reach that potential in a harmonious and resourceful manner.

When we provide HR advice to clients in Leeds, we do it on the basis that each and every relationship we establish is a long-term one, and our collective experience in our field has shown us that as a business grows over a period of time, its’ needs change and evolve. Our HR Consultants can adjust the advice, guidance and services they provide to fit the direction that our clients are aiming for.

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