HR Consultancy Support

Whether your Company is not big enough for a full time HR practitioner, or you have a particular project to outsource, at The Yorkshire HR Company we recognise each client is different and tailor our support to meet their specific needs. With a wealth of experience from unionised and non-unionised environments, we are able to support your day-to-day HR activity.

The services we offer include

  • Complete outsourced HR solution
  • HR project management
  • Full update of current documentation
  • Good HR practice / employment law advisory service
  • Contract of employment & staff handbooks
  • Policies, procedures & HR Administration
  • Draft letters, forms & templates
  • Indemnity against compensatory awards
  • Legal representation at Employment Tribunals

How do we do this?

The Yorkshire HR Company provides HR and legal advice and best practice guidance throughout the employment cycle, which is divided into four key areas of activity

Our clients call upon us to become involved, or simply to advice in any HR related matter, which may include conducting interviews, attending meetings / hearings, drafting letters, providing briefing notes, policy development, delivering staff training activity and much more.

We offer differing levels of support, which are

  • Outsourced, retained arrangements
  • Telephone helpline and email support

Outsourced, retained arrangements

Our clients come to us for an outsourced, retained service because they know that we can deliver a model that suits their needs and fits with their individual HR agenda. We are committed to delivering a high impact, flexible service that

  • Offers value for money
  • Is proactive in its approach to strategic and operational issues
  • Offers independent advice and is not afraid to challenge conventionally held wisdom
  • Is innovative in its approach to contemporary HR practice
  • Encourages you to manage risk effectively and with confidence
  • Continually strives to increase the skill set of line managers

Telephone helpline and email support

For a fixed monthly fee, you can have peace of mind that assistance is only a phone call away. We will ensure you not only comply with legislation, have current HR policies and procedures, but can called up us to provide HR support, advice and guidance as and when required.

This can be used by two named member of staff, unless otherwise agreed. It will be operational during the hours of 8.30am until 6.30pm on normal working days. If you need access to the helpline outside of office hours, special arrangements can be made.

The helpline can be used in respect of any employment advice enquiry. There will be no time limit on any one call or restriction on how many calls you make. Retained clients have access to our extensive electronic library and when required we will be assist you in drafting anything from first principles.

Any work identified falling outside of this categories will be conducted at a preferential rate.

To begin – auditing your existing documents

Whatever level of service you require, to begin we will conduct an audit of your existing documents, HR processes and procedures recommending where changes should be made to ensure compliance with current legislation and HR good practice. We will work with you in remedying any findings, on an agreed project basis, which may include

  • Various draft Contracts of Employment (as appropriate to your business), including
  • Discipline and Grievance Procedure;
  • Basic Staff Handbook;
  • Development of relevant policies and procedures.

Employment Protection Insurance (EPI)

The Yorkshire HR Company has partnered with Albion Legal Services enabling retained clients to purchase EPI for unbudgeted costs or awards / settlements (including legal fees) arising from an employee dispute. Under the scheme, any employment tribunal activity would be handled by a Leeds based Solicitors’ practice. Full details of coverage and the associated costs are available upon request.