Interim & Project Management

Interim Management Yorkshire

Appointing an Interim HR practitioner – Director or Manager is a progressive way to help organisations manage change. From mergers and acquisitions, to disposals and downsizing, renegotiation of contracts or reappraisal of employee benefits, an interim HR practitioner can bring experience, objectivity and a determination to get the job done.

HR has undergone a re-alignment over recent years, moving from traditional personnel to a shared services and Business Partner model. Today HR is much more likely to play a significant role in designing effective organisational structures, developing business strategy and then ensuring its successful implementation. The challenge is in finding HR professional with the skillset to operate successfully in this more demanding and commercial role.

In our view, one of the key benefits of an interim HR practitioner is the experienced, independent view he or she brings. With no history or axe to grind, a talented interim executive can boost the morale of the team and provide tangible short-term solutions or longer term strategies.

They may be engaged to undertake a stand-alone piece of work or to join your team on a shirt-term basis to boost the professional know-how in an existing team or to provide specific skills that are not usually required.

Interim HR practitioners are cost effective because they are a variable cost, not a fixed overhead. In addition they offer flexibility in terms of their availability, working hours, work location and role. The short-term nature of their contract also offers room for manoeuvre when necessary. Professional interim practitioner is result orientated and used to working towards a specific goal and delivering to a deadline.

Do I need an Interim or Consultant?

HR Interim Management is different from our HR Consultancy proposition. Although both are ways of assisting an organisation in moving forward, whether you choose interim or HR consultancy may depend on the specifics of your challenge.

We can demonstrate success in this field, being skilful at quickly grasping the issues, integrating with ease and adding value from day-one. Our clients have every confidence in our handing of the tasks and before stepping away ensure those who are to follow have the appropriate skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver.