Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessment provides important information about an individual's ability to perform a job, their behavioural style and cultural fit - and have been found consistently to be the best predictor of an employee's potential for a role.

At The Yorkshire HR Company we recommend the use of psychometric assessment to:

  • Recruit the best talent
  • Identify staff with high potential
  • Analyse the development needs of Managers and their teams
  • Identify the strengths of client's undergoing career transition

Recruitment, selection and management development

We have access to a full range of instruments to support recruitment, selection and the management of talent in the working environment. These include:

  • Psychometric profiles
  • Providing ability tests for selecting staff
  • Identifying staff with high potential
  • Providing 360-degree feedback
  • Analysing development needs for Managers and teams
  • Identifying leadership styles
  • Identifying customer contact styles

Why should I use a psychometric assessment tool?

  • Research shows that a well-constructed psychometric test predicts job performance better than almost any other single measure
  • Relevant tests produce more accurate results than common selection measures such as interviews and references
  • Tests gives objective information about a candidate and have been shown in general to lead to better and fairer employment decisions
  • Psychometric tests assist in identifying the abilities and attributes required to perform the job
  • Are a reliable and valid means of assessment work-related skills, and
  • Identify training and development needs

What are the benefits of psychometric testing?

In recruitment

  • Identifies best-fit applicants against job competencies
  • Reduces the hiring costs: hire the right person the first time
  • Ensures objectivity: evaluate candidates using objective information
  • Enhances job selection procedures: develop targeted reference checks and interview questions

For management development purposes

  • Identifies future leaders
  • Re-deploy talent across the business
  • Evaluate the talent pool following a merger or restructure
  • Create project teams
  • Manage individual career development
  • Identifies strengths and development needs: initiate development and training plans for your staff
  • Predicts behaviour: discover the work preference and true potential of prospective employees

Psychometrics tests available

We provide a range of affordable online and supervised tests, which are administered, scored and interpreted by those who have been trained and accredited at an appropriate level. The testing options include:

  • Recruitment tools - aptitude tests and personality profiling (OPQ32) focusing on preferred behaviour in the workplace
  • Management, graduate and general & administrative test batteries
  • Development psychometric tool (Myers Briggs Type Indicators - Steps One & Two)