Training Workshops

Small and medium size organisations cannot afford to employ their own in-house training function and yet learning and development is just as important in these companies as it is in larger organisations.

The Yorkshire HR Company provide a selection of bite-size, HR-related training workshops designed to provide practical tools and guidance in managing typical, day-to-day HR issues.

Who should attend?

The workshops are designed for experienced HR practitioners, Operational Management or for those with responsibility for HR, but who may have little in the way of formal, professional training.

What is the structure of the training?

Each training workshop is designed for 2½ hour duration and provides a mix of structured presentation, with exercises and opportunity for discussion.

In-house programmes

In addition we offer the same range of training activity as an open programme, which can be adapted to suit a client's needs and delivered in-house (at the client's chosen location).

This is a cost-effective option for any organisation where there are a number of people with the same training / developmental needs. Programme costs vary depending on the preparation involved, the number of people attending and location of the training venue.

For any in-house training event, we prefer to limit the cohort to no more than 20 delegates, thus ensuring individual attention.